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Life seemed like a kaleidoscope to me. Everything changed and nothing made sense…but it was wonderful

lunes, 3 de noviembre de 2014

Miscellaneous Monday: God Help The Girl she's such a hipster

Ok...this movie...I just can't. I watched yesterday and I'll probably won't be over it till next month. Here's the plot
Eve escapes from the psychiatric hospital where she is being treated for anorexia nervosa and makes her way to Glasgow, hoping to become a musician. At a gig, she meets James, a lifeguard and aspiring songwriter. He introduces her to his guitar student Cassie, and the three become friends.Eve meets Anton, the arrogant singer of Wobbly-Legged Rat, a Glasgow band attracting attention from a local radio station. She gives him a tape of her music to pass on and they begin seeing each other.James convinces Eve she needs bass and drums to finish her songs. They and Cassie form a band, God Help the Girl, with some local musicians. Anton admits he never gave Eve's tape to the radio producers, saying she needs better production and musicianship, and they argue.James discovers Eve's relationship with Anton and becomes distanced from her. Feeling alone, Eve takes drugs and returns to hospital. She tells James she plans to attend music college in London, and they reconcile. After God Help the Girl performs their final concert, the radio station play Eve's tape. The next day, she leaves for London.
This is not just a bunch of cheap hipsters, this is an ode to the whole indie scene we're experiencing. Appearently it all started as a project from Belle and Sebastian's Stuart Murdoch that consisted of kind of a female chorus singing some songs and then he turned it into a movie. AN AWESOME MOVIE
This movie is warm and welcoming as well as painful and maybe even tragic, as it follows Eve on her happines and misery.
Each one of the characters have their own struggles and dreams, and somehow the movie makes you sympathize with them, letting you understand for yourself that none of them are more important than the other.
God Help The Girl is about a bunch of grown-teens that have inspirations and goals, not just musical hopes of course, and thow they approach them differently.
If I had to point out some mistakes aI would say that though the songs are wonderfully written the dialogue is not as "dramatic" as it should be, is not the perfect direction BUT for being his first cinematic (is it well written anyway?) is awesome enough

PS2: Still don't know how to use the schedule...Saturday's post hasn't popped up yet... IM STUPID
PS3: Thank you so much for reading my dear loverssssssss! Any movie suggestions? and if you've seen this movie what did you think of it?
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jueves, 30 de octubre de 2014

Oh Summer... Where did you go?

Before this year, Summer sounded to me more like no school rather than we're-happy-free-confused-and-lonely-at-the-same-time and all that things teenagers my age appeaarently did. I used to spend my summer days devouring tons of books, whatching tons of series and writting (ok maybe most of the time I was sooooo bored I just didn't do shit); but I never really used to hang out with "friends" (meaningless word back then) or anyone my age, because girls from my school I hung out with wouldn't go out or just weren't in town.

I went out to have dinner with my parents and my sister, stayed with my little sis' and that was pretty much the people I saw. As an anecdote, Summer 2013 was so lonely I started thinking too much about my body and it hasn't stopped yet. That summer I started doing lots and lots of exercise ( I would ride my bike for an hour in the morning and then in the afternoon I would do 30 min of cardio or HIIT) and eating the minimun amount of food possible, that leaded to losing weight and also lots of mental stuff. So the end of the story is that when my period (haha blood) stopped my mum took me to the doctor and he said what you all imagined and I won't write here.

*Now I'm fine thanks to the people I surround myself with*

But this Summer, oh this Summer was so different. It was the best one of my life yet and I've never felt like this before, I would live it in a loop. It was wonderful, and I thought it would not be fair to not dedicate a post to the people and memories that made it possible.

It has been probably the "less productive" time of my life if we speak in terms of actual work/writting/whatever it is that makes you productive, but the "most productive" one speaking in terms of friendship, health, happiness, empathy, fun and all that things that make us human.
Somehow the world, destiny, a magical fairy or something put the best people I could possibly meet in front of me, and they wanted to be my friends too. Without expecting anything in return and probably without realizing it, they've changed my perspective of the world and myself, they've helped me infinite ways and they've showed me, for the first time in my life, what friendship really feels like.

We've made so many memories together. One of the bests is the fact that we formed a "band" (more like a polyphonic group) called LFAN, it was Penthatonix style and I have the funniest time while rehearsing and singing with them. We also went on some excursions and got drunk (tons of times) (like really maybe too much), going partying with them was always a pleasure.

As a shy person, I would never thought there where people who where as weird as me (not that they are shy) and proud if it, who won't judge my problem or the way I dress or my pink hair. Because, believe it or not people in my school and in general considered my pink hair an offense and my over the knee socks as some sort of rejection. I remember the first time I wore red lipstick to hung out with my old "friends", I heard some funny comments (HINT: THEY WEREN'T FUNNY AT ALL). Good news, I wore red lips this summer again and had my first kiss (screw you "friends").

*He was Australian and so cute and ASDFGHJKL, but yeh I won't probably see him again, it was fun though*

I'm sure I won't forget this time in my life, and when I'll look back at it, I won't have any regrets. Also, it helps me when I'm down, if I was able to love myself and eat like I used to with them why can't I do it on my own? I remember that sometimes when I was with them something clicked and I was like "woah, hold on, it feels like I actually love myself" and it was such an awesome moment.

I know, I know Summer is long gone and won't come back till next year, but seriously I just can't let it go that easly. This year, I've lived the best summer of my life yet and it was wonderful. I couldn't not write about it and all the beautiful people that had accompanied me in this journey.

To my friends, thank you for your time, thank you for the sleepless musical nights and for showing me that it is possible to help and to share without expecting, that real friendship exists. Thank you for not judging me and make me understand that nothing was irreparably wrong with me, for a warm welcome in the messed up kids gang. Thank you, I love you no matter what.

PS: And to my readers, we share have kind of connection, but it is as wonderful. Words. They build our universe and us writers use it to share our worlds. So thank you for making my world and thoughts something special to read about, because if it wasn't for you I wouldn't feel as awesome as I do now :) Have a wonderful day.
PS2: Just in case you having noticed. The schedule now is ALWAYS a post on Mondays, and then apart from that a post every other day for example this and next week's will be: MONDAY/TUESDAY/THURSDAY/SATURDAY/MONDAY/WEDNESDAY/FRIDAY/SUNDAY/MONDAY...
PS3: Hope you liked today's post! How was your Summer? Would you go back and revive it?

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martes, 28 de octubre de 2014

100 words story, harder than an actual story

So, for a literary competition held by my college, I had to write a 100 words long story and it was one of the hardest challenges to ever commit to. I started the paper at least 20 times, rewrote like 15 times all the story and the end... well, it took me two days to come up with a good end so yeh. I hope you like this 100 words super short story that took a lot of time and brain work to put together.

Dear diary:
23/04/71: Today I watched a movie about the universe. When I grow up, I want to be an astronaut.
5/10/79: Physics are incredible, NASA is waiting for me; even if high school pricks want to make me think otherwise.
11/11/86: Second year of Business, it's not what I wanted, but everyone said it was the one with the most career opportunities.
30/06/92: I hate routine, it's so boring. It hasn't been a year since I work in this cubicle and I don't know anymore what hope and dreams are.
20/10/14: Would I be happier and full of life if I didn't become the person everyone wanted me to be?

* It may not be 100 words long in English, but it is in Spanish. Traslation is hard guys.
   Also, I don't know about your country, but this is the situation in mine, Spain. Evryone is studying      Business or Engineering because that's what has most career oppotunities (not really because no          one is getting a job at the moment, other than the ones who look for it at McDonald's). so English,      Arts, Music are pretty damned at the moment, which is very sad. Government doesn't give enough      money for education, so schools focus on subjects like Maths, Science and Language; this means        no Art, no Lliterature...Hope it all works out and it doesn't destroy thousands of dreams and futures    because of some fucking senior position (thieves) mismanagement and corruption*

PS: Sorry if it came off more like a rant... I just couldn't help it. The situation in this apperarently "advanced" country is embarrassing.
PS2: Next post coming on Thursday!! (cause I know how to stick to a schedule)
PS3: Thank you so much for reading this little space I dedicate to writting and sharing my thoughts with the world. You make me feel special :)

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lunes, 27 de octubre de 2014

Miscellaneous Monday: We're back in 1989 with Ms Taylor Swift

We can call it a comeback. After taking a two years break from music (not really 'cause she worked on her new album) Swift is back and not empty handed, she's bringing us GOOD POP, like REALLY GREAT. As always she's change, grow and written her life in songs that we can make ours, all mix with 80's sounds that blend perfectly with the 1989's concept.

The album starts with 'Welcome to New York', the track that says goodbye to Nashville's country sweetheart and hello to the new worlwide pop-star that Taylor has become. She makes us dance along to her new beat with lines like "Took our broken hearts put them in a drawer" "Searching for a sound we hadn’t heard before". This is definitely the best introducing track she could've chosen.

The second song, "Blank Space" IS INSANE. So many good lyrics in just one song, this one is probably one of the radio jams we're getting from this album. It's the perfect combination of base+lyrics+vocals, I just can't stop nodding my head to this beat, one of my favourite definitely. Please take a look at this sassy/perfect lyrics:
Got a long list of ex-lovers

They'll tell you I'm insane

Cause you know I love the players
And you love the game

Next two tracks are appearently about Harry Styles from 1D, "Style" (I mean, c'mon Tay-Tay...) and "Out of the woods". Taylor herself said that OOTW is about the breakable nature of some relationships and it's true, she got what she wanted, she made this song sound like the emotions. I CAN'T EVEN EXPLAIN HOW POWERFUL AND GOOD THIS SONG IS OR HOW IT MAKES ME FEEL BUT IT IS DEFINITELY A GOOD FEELING.

Then we've got the typical pop sounds with "All you had to do was stay" and the can't-stop-replaying "Shake it off" and the omg-that-melody-is-awesome "I wish you would". Three different songs about different issues, we have love and how one part of the relationship reminds the other how they should've either stayed or comeback, not throw it all away with stupid fights. AND SHAKE IT OFF IS SUUUUCH A HAPPY SONG.

Now, "Bad Blood", which I personally love, maybe because I feel very identified with the lyrics and the rythm is so cheerleader alike, making it a relatively "sad" song about a bad friendship/relationship that once was kind of perfect anf full of good memories. I'm in love with the lyrics 

Band-aids don't fix bullet holes

You say sorry just to show

I'm sorry but I feel kind of weird about "Wildest Dreams" because I feel like she has listen too much Lana del Rey. Don't get me wrong, I love Lana del Rey, but I'd rather listen to Taylor not doing this music because it's hard not to compare them. And as sorry as I am to say lyrics and parts of the beat are so Lana it's uncomfortable.

Another worth mentioning song is "Clean" which reminds me of RED album vibes and I love it. Seriously this track is amazing. i was afraid the album would missed a ballad but here it is.

So without further ado, I recommend listening to this album on repeat anytime at anyday, the sooner the better. Enjoy the lyrics, the beat, the pop sounds we all need sometimes. Swift's riskiest work to date gets her rid of the image of the Taylor we all knew, giving us a new, fresh and powerful woman who knows what she wants, goes and gets it. But we don't have to go deep inside to see tha Tay-Tay will always be Tay-Tay.

PS: Not the best review to date, I kept rewritting it and this is the best version I've got.

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sábado, 25 de octubre de 2014

Pumpkin pie should be banned BECAUSE IT IS SO DAMN GOOD

Another point from my AUTUMN BUCKET-LIST can be crossed. I've completed THE CHALLENGE that is baking a pumpkin pie, it's been better than I thought to be honest.
They were three tough hours, but it was worth it. I took the recipe from a book called "El Rincón de Bea" which is run by a Spanish woman whose life has completly changed since she wrote her first post SHE EVEN SPONSORS COOKWARE!! Here is the link: http://www.elrincondebea.com/ gogogogogogogo!In other words, th world's largest pumkin pie was made in New Bremen, Ohio for the Pumkinfest there. It was in September 2010. The pie weighed almost 3700 pounds and measured 20 feet in diameter. Hope this irrelevant facts make your life a bit easier. For example you can go to your friends and tell them this out of the blue, they would probably answer you with another fun/random fact about a vegetable (seriously it happens, I'm not trying to be funny).

Pumkin pie is not like any other pie. It has a special place in people's hearts 'cause it brings them memories. This beloved pies has even had songs and poems written about it so yeh...


1 base of shortcrust pastry
3 eggs
1 1/2 tea.s. of cinnamon
3/4 tea.s ginger
1/4 tea.s of nutmeg
1/4 tea.s clove (the one you put on food to give it some flavour) powder
150 ml(2/3 cups)(4oz) liquid cream
150 ml(2/3 cups)(4oz) milk
175 g(7/8 cups) brown sugar
450 g(0.9 lb)(15.8oz) Pumpkin puree
I tried to convert the measure units to make things easier for everyone...don't know how it's turned out.

Preheat oven to 175 ° C/347 ºF
Place the shortcrust pastry on a round 23 cm mold (mine was made of glass, but you can use metal too and pretty much every mold you can handle). Leave about 5 cm protruding.
Fold this protruding shortcrust pastry putting it in the mold, shaping it with your fingers.
Cover the shortcrust pastry with foil and put chickpeas on it (it is called baking the dough blank).
Bake for 20 min.
Beat the eggs in a bowl, then mix it with all the spices until they are well integrated.
Add milk, liquid cream, sugar and mix it all good.
Pass this mixture through a sieve over a saucepan to prevent lumps (I chose not to do that, but you can make a better choice and do it).
Add pumpkin puree to this mixture and cook over low-simmer 7-9 minutes, stirring constantly until it looks like it has thickened slightly. Remove from heat (obviously).
We will por the mix over the shrtcrust pastry and bake for 30-40 minutes or until de stuffing has curdled. The center of the pie should dance a little like a gohsty gohst (or gelatine).
Let it cool down (like after a workout) for at least two hours (I left it for 12 hours all alone in the kitchen, then eat  a bit of it and put it on the firdge).

PS: This pie was soooooooooo good I want to do it over and over again, and then marry it.
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miércoles, 22 de octubre de 2014

On future and how it turns out to be one of the scariest things for me

Sooooo the main issue here. I'm scared, extremely fearful about the career choice I made.
I've chosen to study a degree in Psychology, but I'm not sure I've made the right decision.
Today, I was, very seriously, thinking (wow, my brain actually works) about what I want to do with my life when I finish my degree, basically what I will do for the rest of my life. yeezzzz, I want to do so many things!

Psychology seemed like what I wanted to study at first, and I'm not gonna lie, I really like the subjects I'm taking, but ehat if I'm wrong?
I mean, I want to help people, of course (that's why I'm studying Psychology in the first place) but I also want to be a speaker, I want to write books, I want to be an expert at Economics and English, I want to be able to speak 5 different languages at least. I really want to make music and discover all of physics' secrets (yes I love physics don't judge), I want to learn about graphic designing, design my own clothing line, volunteer for at least two years straight... I WANT TO CREATE FOR FUCK'S SAKE.

The, after thinking of all that, I had a panic attack, and after twenty minutes I realised that I've bitten my nails way too much much; one of my fingers was bleeding. So yeh...
What I want to tell you with this huge paragraph about how indecisive I am, is that if I would've had all the resources I would've studied English or music because that is what I really wanted (maybe if I were studying anyof those, I would tell you that I wanted Psychology, 'cause that's what humans do). I'm not saying I've become the person people wanted me to be, but I'm 100% sure I'm not who I wanted to be by this time in my life either.

My darlings, when deciding about your future, write down your life goals, choose your prior one and divide it in small goals till you find one that is reachable at that time. That must be the next step you're taking in your life.
When deciding your future think for yourself and isolate from any external variables. It's your future, and you should be able to whatever the hell you want about it.

Summing up, probably the best decision is the one that, when you think where it's gonna take in ten years time, it allows you to picture yourself as a happy and fulfilled human being.

PS: I still don't know where the hell I'm going or what the fuck I'm doing.
PS2: Next post coming on Friday!! (omg I'm actually sticking to a plan, this is new)
PS3: If you're thinking about commenting or have just read this post THANK YOU SO MUCH YOU'RE AWESOME

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woah woah woah slow down

Many things happened between yesterday and today. One of them is (if you already don't know from the title) questioning my future. Here we go starting with the other two:

ROOKIE YEARBOOK THREE WAS RELEASED YESTERDAY!!! I'm buying it, third year in a row, and it's never disapointed me. It has inspired me and helped me through the discovery of myself, my personality, fears, thoughts... It's such and informative, divulgative and cultural book I just want to read it over and over again and never let it go (no but seriously, my Rookie yearbooks look older than they actually are because of that.)

    Now, a sad new... Oscar de la Renta passed away. He was such a wonderful designer, a reference for aspiring talents, or even for people who just like to draw drafts while dreaming about wearing them someday. Hope you are spreading creativity from wherever you are.